5th annual

fcpx creative summit

NOV 7-9, 2019

Juniper Hotel + Apple Park & Campus








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FCPX Creative Summit 2018 Sneak Peek
Courtesy of Iain Anderson

Every year, Final Cut Pro X experts from around the world gather at the annual Creative Summit in Cupertino to share their skills & knowledge of the Final Cut Pro X ecosystem.

The conference features three full days of cutting-edge sessions, presented by top industry professionals who are well versed in the latest FCPX and Motion softwares, plugins, and editing techniques.

“Thank you FMC and Jeff Greenberg for all your efforts"

— best Summit yet, and it (of course) continues to be my favorite conference of the year!”

"I am so glad that I went!"

“…It was especially hugely beneficial meeting amazing people in the industry. We were all on the same page: building something more significant and impactful for the storytelling in our workflow that can/will influence the world.”

"I cannot express my gratitude enough"

…for this amazing and rewarding experience at FCPX Creative Summit! Congratulations on the great turnout!

Apple Park & Campus Visit

For the first time in the history of the FCPX Creative Summit, attendees will have exclusive access to Apple Park. This is a rare opportunity for attendees to access Apple’s headquarters and hear directly from the product team behind the editing software you know and love!


Who Should Attend?

This unique event is where the Apple FCPX Professionals come together to learn, discuss craft, and get a peek behind the curtain in Cupertino.

Sessions are designed for most intermediate and advanced users. The Creative Summit features a variety of programming that includes keynote users, case studies, and education around editorial and post in the FCPX/Apple ecosystem.

The Apple Professional Applications group will also give a presentation at the main Apple campus. There is no other event where such an opportunity exists.

Session Themes & Overview

The Creative Summit focuses on all parts of production for creatives who use FCPX. From hardware to third-party tools, this event will lead to working smarter and faster on your productions.

Attendees rave about the sessions, but also about the networking and community. The Creative Summit gathers a team of FCPX experts who will lead 45 minute training sessions. Attendees can choose from a range of 30+ sessions throughout the duration of the program.

A sampling of sessions includes:

  • Editing Faster in FCPX
  • Motion Design Tips for the Non-Designer
  • Maximizing FCPX’s Color Correction Tools
  • Creating Accessible Educational Content (Hearing Impaired)
  • Working with the Camera in your Pocket
  • The Amazing Supertips Show  

2019 Speakers

Jeff Greenberg

J Greenberg Consulting

Steve Martin

Ripple Training

Cirina Catania

Founder | Creative Lead,

The Catania Group

Chris Fenwick

FCPX Grill

Sam Mestman


What makes the FCPX Creative Summit unique?
  • Hosted in Cupertino with a site visit at Apple Headquarters, including a first-time ever trip to Apple Park
  • Exclusive visit from the FCPX/Pro Video Team
  • Limited space: ~150 seats for a more intimate environment
  • Several community events, including a trivia night
  • Keynote talks from professional users
  • Breakdown of high-end work
  • Expo Night
  • Raffle prizes from leading tech companies!